The Majestic lends way to deeper and more restful sleep each night. 

Do you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, endlessly searching for a quality night’s sleep?

Proper sleep is known to reduce stress, improve wellness, and boost overall quality of life. As a result, your mattress has a direct impact on both the night and day that follows.

The Majestic is an Irish-built mattress that’s perfect for anyone seeking noticeable life improvement. As you sink into a deep state of relaxation, your pain, discomfort, and restlessness will seemingly melt away.

With The Majestic’s lavish pillow top, sophisticated quilting, and high-caliber memory foam, you’ll truly look forward to each night. 

An exclusive and carefully crafted mattress that redefines comfort. 

  • Supportive - Adjusts to your unique contour with 2000 individually zoned pocket springs
  • Balanced - Features high-density foam to provide the perfect balance between soft and firm
  • Layered - Embedded with high-quality polyester fillings to provide layers of cushioned comfort 
  • Hand Crafted - Proudly made in Ireland by local craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail