When it comes to the necessities of life, sleep is right up there with air and water. Using a carefully selected blend of high quality materials, the Unisleep adapts to almost all body types and sleep styles.

Offering the perfect “medium” feel using an even combination of comfort and support to relieve pain-causing pressure points and support healthy sleeping positions.

CoolGel Memory Foam

Scientifically engineered CoolGel Memory Foam adjusts to your body, allowing relief to pressure points and aligning your spine, while also keeping you cool at night.

Memory Foam

Providing a second layer of additional comfort, our carefully crafter memory foam features immediate response technology which adjusts with every movement and contour of your body.

High Density Open Cell Air Ventilated Foam

Comprised of a breathable foam, this base layer increases airflow with an open-cell design that allows more air to escape than traditional foam. Our Breathable foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure.